Fiber Fuel

Fiber Fuel

Fiber Fuel is a two pound wood brick used to complement or replace standard firewood. 

It is manufactured solely of compressed Eastern White Pine, widely known in the industry as a premium fuel source. At 8988 BTU’s/lb, many users have experienced the benefits and have switched solely to Fiber Fuel as their primary wood heat source. 

Fiber Fuel is perfect for wood stoves and furnaces, great for campfires and back yard fire pits!

Fiber Fuel is produced by Lewis Mouldings using the by-product of the moulding operation. 

Fiber Fuel has absolutely no binders or glue and is 100% natural wood compressed at over 22,000 pounds of pressure.

One pallet of Fiber Fuel contains 84 bags, weighs approximately 2016 lbs, and is the rough equivalent of one cord of seasoned hardwood.

Fiber Fuel has less than 1% ash, resulting in less frequent clean outs, low moisture content and little creosote.

Easy to use, easy storage, and easy clean up.

Environmentally friendly.