Wood Pellets/Biofuels

L & L Fence is your #1 local source for quality Wood Pellets in Western MA - Hampshire County

lacrete smallWe typically carry 5 or 6 brands of quality super premium softwood pellets and have recently brought in a terrific hardwood pellet that we plan on bringing back
for the 2017-2018 heating season. Our pellets are sold by the bag or the ton and we can supply delivery service, at an additional charge, whether you buy one ton  or twelve and this includes our Biofuels as well!

We are one of this area's largest suppliers of all natural Biofuels such as Hot Bricks, Canawick Logs and Blocks, and the ever popular Home Fire Prest Logs(night logs) and you'll always find fire starter fuels such as bagged kindling, fatwood, fire starter squares and gel starters for your pellet stove.

If you need cleaning, repair or maintenance products for wood or pellet stoves you can also find those at L & L Fence Company. Everything from gaskets, rods and brushes, chimney caps, stove pipes,replacement stove bricks, creosote removers, glass cleaners, stove paint and more.

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hot brick 15 packHOT BRICKS deliver more heat to your home because we kiln dry our wood chips.

The low-moisture content of our tightly compressed wood bricks creates a longer, hotter, more efficient fire. 

Unlike cordwood, HOT BRICKS do not waste heat evaporating the water trapped in the wood fiber.

Instead, heat is immediately available to warm your home.




Home Fire Prest Logs 19 500pxAlternative Wood Fuel

L & L Fence Co. offers many alternative wood fuels including Canawick Bricks, Blocks and Logs, Hot Bricks and Home Fire Prest Logs. All products are 100% natural densified wood products made from recycled highly compressed mill residue and produce much less ash, creosote and polluting particles than standard cordwood; truly benefitting our environment.

Installation, Care and Cleaning

L & L Fence Co. now carries an ever expanding line of products for the installation, care, and cleaning of your wood or pellet stove, fireplace or chimney including:

  • Stove pipes and collars
  • Stovepipe shields
  • Firestarter squares and gel
  • Chimney covers
  • Tool sets
  • Door gaskets   stove
  • Steamer kettles
  • Cast iron grates  
  • Glass cleaners
  • Chimney liners  
  • Ash cans and shovels
  • Chimney brushes
  • Coal hods